Applied DB Public Company Limited (ADB) started manufacturing vinyl products since 1985. Today our PVC compound range covers thousands of specifications for applications such as wire & cable, shoe soles, flexible hose & tube, and Rigid PVC for blow molding, blow film, extrusion molding and injection molding… etc.

ADB offers PVC and Non-PVC Compounds, Including Soft PVC Compound, Rigid PVC Compound, Medical & Pharmaceutical Grade Compound and Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) Compound. We also provide PP Split Yarn for wire and cable filler. Our products are available both in standard and customized formulations for specific applications. Customers can also choose in natural color or any other desired colors.

Supply product to wire & cable :

P.P. split yarn is used as a filler with its insulation property to enhance the durability on product wire & cable line and to reduce the cost overall

Soft Plastic Compound

  • Wire and Cable

We offer low voltage insulation and sheaths according to IEC60227-1 or meet to the specification you  required; and power cables with extruded insulation rated voltages from 1kV up to 30kV according to IEC 60502-1 and 60502-2

 HFFR is also provided for wire & cable as low smoke, halogen free and flame retardant as Non-PVC compounds

  • Shoe soles
  • Electronics and plugs
  • Flexible tube & hose
  • Other extrusion and injection molding


Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC Compound is commonly used in the Building & Construction field. With Its durability and weatherability, plastics have many advantages over natural materials such as wood.

 Plastic parts can prevent termites, insects and it is rustless. Compounds for building and construction are used to make pipes, window profiles, fencing, siding, decking, artificial lath, furniture and many other parts. Parts that will be outdoors or exposed to UV light can be made from compounds designed to resist the required conditions.

 Rigid PVC can also be used in the packaging field for shrink film, plastic bottles and medical device.

Medical Grade

For medical devices that must be sterilized before use, gamma-stable plastic compounds are designed to resist degradation caused by gamma or e-beam sterilization. Medical devices must comply with strict regulations, therefore it is carefully selected about which compounds are used.

 We provide PVC compounds for medical applications such as blood transfusion tubes and blooding bags that comply with international standards.

ADB Plastic Compounds

ADB Plastic Compounds can be tailored by formulating compounds to meet your specifications, such as color and hardness range depending on your requirements.

All compounds are strictly controlled to meet international standards.

Our Products are environment friendly products and conform with the regulation and directive of banned substances.

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